Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Harrods - 5/2

Round 2 at Harrods began at 8 with dressing 5 mannequins in the Men's International Gallery on the Lower Ground floor. Having being chosen the day previous, the fashion team and I set to stripping, dressing and editing the army of mannequins. I like the complimenting looks of the 5; individually they are all wearable outfits but as a group they all don't explicitly match each other, instead they have accessories that compliment a unifying look.

In this room I also changed a jacket for Balmain and assisted the VM team in neatening up their selling space with the use of the brand's Visual Merchandising guidelines. Previously, only working with free reign over the dressing and styling of mannequins; it was an insight into field visual merchandising, travelling store to store and displaying product under specified guidelines which got me looking into other VM job opportunities.

Later on in the day, I assisted in picking for a group of male mannequins in the Men's Tailoring room on the Ground Floor, specifically for Harrods of London and a separate grouping for Canali. Having a passion for men's wear, especially tailoring, really helped me give my best possible input to the task in hand of assisting the team pick the looks.

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